Kennedy Murray
reunion of descendants in Tasmania 2022

This page is all about the reunion which I was not able to attend but, thanks to Cameron Richards, I have all the information for this page. The event was an opportunity to share key stories, existing information, and new developments from many active family historians and genealogists.

More than 50 people attended the gathering which showcased a plethora of interesting information and stories. Cameron wrote of the extended family of Kennedy Murray with 58 grandchildren - plus Kennedy Murray the second's siblings via Ann White's second family of another 37 nephews and nieces who were all based in Evandale in the 1830's.

Attendees at the Kennedy Murray reunion in 2022 in Tasmania.

Above is a photograph, taken by Cameron's sister, Fiona, of the lucky people who attended the reunion.

General information

The Kennedy Murray descendants gathering was held on April 2 2022 at the Longford RSL Memorial Hall at Longford near Evandale.

Interesting pdfs from Cameron

A huge reunion booklet with lots of information Research underway and interesting references From ‘King to convict’ and back again? Australian origins, the Murray mystery, and the re-emerging MacGregor legacy

Genie items from the reunion

Descendants of Kennedy Murray senior

Rob Murray's book - chapters about the Kennedy Murray story

Rob Murray's chapter on Ann Parker Rob Murray's chapter on KM and the Glasgow years Rob Murray's chapter on KM and the voyage out to Australia Rob Murray's chapter on KM at Pittwater Rob Murray's chapter on KM on Norfolk Island

Interesting story from Terry Brown about his researches

Terry Brown's story of research


The information that has come out of the reunion is fascinating. I'm sure this is not the end, I think new information will continue to be found. Many thanks to all the people who put so much work into the reunion and into the information a lot of which is new to me.

Reunion group photograph number two

Attendees at the Kennedy Murray reunion in 2022 in Tasmania.

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