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First Fleet

Four of my ancestors, all on my father's line, came to Australia as convicts. My great great great grandmother, Olivia Gascoigne, was sentenced to death by hanging but her sentence was commuted to transportation. In 1787 she left England on the Lady Penrhyn as part of the First Fleet and on arrival in Australia she was sent to help settle Norfolk Island. It was there she married convict Nathaniel Lucas who had made the voyage, also as part of the First Fleet, on the Scarborough.

My great great great grandmother, Ann White came to Australia on the Second Fleet. On Norfolk Island she married fellow convict, Kennedy Murray who came to Australia on the Pitt.

My son has two more convicts on his line. They are Martha Brooks, who came to Australia on the Mary Ann, who married fellow convict Henry Pollard who made his voyage on the Somersetshire.

I regularly receive emails from people who are new cousins. Thanks to my decision, way back in 2007, to code up a website, I have met many new relations.

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