Writing and My Books

I began writing stories in my head when I was about three. In those days they mostly revolved around chocolate. I soon graduated to pencil and paper and thence to a ballpoint pen. My major step was when, finally, at the age of 15, I bought a Royal typewriter. I had saved up fifteen pounds over about three years, much of the money from items I had published in Junior Age and magazines and my father chose the typewriter for me.

My cousin, Norma (nee Giacometti), taught me to touch type, a skill which has stood me in great stead for decades. From that point onwards I always wrote directly onto a typewriter and, from 2000, onto a computer. My friend, Aileen, gave me a computer in the early 90s and although I was initially rather suspicious, and have had some dreadful frights over the years, I have loved computers ever since.

Although I had dozens of features published in The Age, The Dominion, the Sunday Post Herald, and Ballet Today, nothing could touch the magic of having my first book published by a real publisher.

The first book, Just Me and the Kids, was published by Penguin. A few years later The Secret of the Tower Room, and then Volunteering, were published in quick succession.

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