Volunteering, a book by Diana Kupke.

When I was working at Endeavour Foundation in Mackay, an organisation for intellectually disabled adults and children, I was in charge of volunteers. In the early days there were about a dozen people who gave both their time, and their patience, to provide help as needed. Many of these volunteers were parents of intellectually disabled children, although by the time I knew them, many of these children were adults.

As the months rolled by I was able to use my journalistic skills to publicise Endeavour Foundation and as a result the numbers of volunteers rose dramatically.

Volunteers are the backbone of almost every community organisation - without them there would not be any sporting clubs, brownies and cubs could not operate, and schools would not have new equipment, indeed they would be unable to run tuckshops.

It is very important that people who volunteer be given every support as the work they do is invaluable.

This book is double pronged and is suitable both for individual volunteers and also for organisations which are seeking a strong volunteer base.

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