All sorts of subjects

I write about a wide variety of subjects, some of them are close to my heart, others simply take my fancy.

The archives, of all the blogs, (home page entries), date back to February 2008. They cover a huge range of subjects, albeit briefly.

The galleries are mainly of my family, and extended family members, as well as beloved pets.

I have lived in Mackay for 40 years so it is very much a part of my life. The area is constantly changing.

The section on places includes towns which feature in my family tree. Tallygaroopna is where my mother, Merlyn Mann nee Dudley grew up; Lexton was home for my father, Thomas Edwin Mann; and Norfolk Island is where my original convict ancestors arrived in 1788 and where they lived for many years.

I write about a number of schools, some of which I went to, others which were attended by my children, and then there is Summer Heights High, a school made famous on television, which was filmed at my old school, Brighton High School, now Brighton College, in Melbourne.

The websites belong to friends and family members.

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