For those who are interested in family history and genealogy, I have provided a page for each surname in my family in this section on Surnames. They include Basan, Canet, Dudley, Grist, Hovey, Lyons, Mann, Marks, Montgomery, Sandilands, Streeter, and Wilkinson.

I have included Val's Story. Val Carnegie (nee Dudley), was my aunt. She researched the Dudley family (which moved from Ridgmont in Bedfordshire in the UK to Tallygaroopna in Victoria), many years before the advent of the internet.

Also included are Nell Sidebottom's story, and George Canet's story. These are wonderful additions to our knowledge of our family trees.

Other family names, of convicts, are in the next section on Convicts. Some of these people came out on the First Fleet, others on the Second Fleet. They include Brooks, Gascoigne, Lucas, Murray, Pollard, and White.

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