Mackay State High School

Mackay State High School taken in April 2015.

I have lived across the road from Mackay State High School for the past twenty-eight years and, in addition to this proximity, I have close connections to the school through my three children who were all students there, as well as my daughter-in-law, and a variety of grandchildren.


Registration at Mackay State High School during open day.

I find it hard to believe it was twelve years ago when Mackay State High School celebrated its centenary in 2012 with a week of activities which included a centenary ball which was held at the Mackay Entertainment and Convention Centre and an open day. Other events included the burial of a time capsule and a meet and greet school walk. A sporting event, between past and present students, was also held. Where did those years go?

The principal at that time, Steve Paulger, said, on the MSHS website, that the school, which opened on 1 January 1912, in what is now part of the TAFE complex, was one of the first state high schools opened in Queensland. The school moved to its present site, which has a frontage to the Milton Street cul de sac, in 1963. The school has 1183 students.

Show Wins

Cattle at Mackay State High School.

Many congratulations to the cattle show team from Mackay State High School who scored excellent results at the shows held in Mackay, Pioneer Valley, and Proserpine. Among the awards was first prize for Herdsman Award, Senior Champion, and Reserve Champion Cow, and Reserve Champion Heifer.

It is amazing to live in the heart of Mackay and still be able to see cattle down the next block. I have never forgotten visiting the Freemantle Show decades ago and seeing my first Aberdeen Angus bull.

Rainbow over Mackay State High School

Rainbow over Mackay State High School.

In addition to the expected subjects which cater for students who are academically inclined, and also for those who plan to follow a particular vocation, Mackay State High School also has a strong music program and an agricultural program.

Cattle at Mackay State High School.

Mackay State High School encourages learning for life

  • Full range of academic and vocational subjects
  • South Mackay Cluster Network with primary schools
  • Instrumental music program
  • Extensive agriculture department (multi-award winning cattle show team)
  • New State-of-the-Art Technology Facility
  • Rugby League, Soccer and Netball Academies
  • Peer Mediation, Opti-minds
  • Primary School Science Outreach Program
  • Committed and enthusiastic staff
  • School Based Apprenticeships and Work Placement
  • Strong student services- CEC, chaplain, guidance officer, nurse
  • Strong P&C Committee

School fence destroyed by the 2008 Mackay flood

Mackay State High School fence detroyed after the 2008 Mackay flood.

The Mackay flood in February 2008 sent about three feet of water raging through the school and in the process part of the front brick fence was demolished.

Oval at Mackay State High School.

Oval at Mackay State High School

The school has a large oval which is also used outside school hours by community based groups and by individuals who run around like mad dogs and Englishmen.

Very blue basketball court

Basketball court at Mackay State High School.

This beautiful blue basketball court is a recent addition to Mackay State High School.

Red blossoming tree at Mackay State High School.

Red blossoming tree at Mackay State High School

The tree provides shade for students waiting each morning for the buses which go on to Victoria Park State School, and to other schools in the district.

The school has a new purpose built computer building (which I manage not to see as a number of beautiful old trees were murdered in order for the ground to be cleared).

Sunrise at Mackay State High School.

Sunrise over Mackay State High School

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