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Twenty-first Archive
Items from 2021, 2022 and 2023

Appalling xmas cards

I am tempted to remove this item and the following one as photographs which display children holding guns make me feel physically and mentally and emotionally ill.

Appalling xmas card from US politician Lauren Boebert.

I'm delighted US politician Lauren Boebert isn't a friend.

Appalling xmas card from US politician Thomas Massie.

And even more delighted I am not on US politician Thomas Massie's xmas card list.

Compost from humans!

Humans to compost

A fascinating story from Margaret Osborne reveals that in Colorado there is available natural reduction which is body composting. A base of wood chips, alfalfa, and straw is placed in a wooden box and the body (dead) is placed on top then covered with more layers.

Once the composting is completed about a cubic yard of soil is available. This is not allowed to be used to grow food but can be used to make flower gardens.

Below 3d house

3d house made in 24 hours.

A Japanese company, Serendix, has made a 3D house in under 24 hours! The house is based on a reinforced concrete frame. The sphere was designed by Masayuki Sono, a Japanese architect. It is envisaged such homes can be a quick fix after natural disasters.

Avenue of Dishonour at Tallygaroopna

Butchered trees at Tallygaroopna.

A butchered memorial. Local farmer, Natalie Akers, is devastated. As am I.

A cauliflower by any other name

Fractals and cauliflowers.

ZME Science often has fascinating articles. This one, with the beautiful photograph of a cauliflower, caught my eye. You're looking at fractals and they also appear in clouds and coastlines.

Richard Creswick's book, They gave us a television station to play with

NT author, Richard Creswick, has written a wide ranging book about the advent of television into Darwin fifty years ago.

Today's flying car.

This flying car is today's model! It has a maiden flight of 35 minutes in Slovakia. The car turns into a two seater aircraft in three minutes!

A section of Diana Kupke's personal library.

This is a small section of my personal library. The 1000 books gave me a sense of security during my two month self isolation. At the same time my favourite library, the Gordon White Library, was closed due to Covid.

Timber tower for Sydney

Timber tower planned for Sydney.

A forty storey timber tower is planned for Sydney. Designers say the building will be operating from day one with 100 percent renewable energy. The building will be home for Atlassian, a technology company.

Filling in the spaces

Embroidery for trees.

What do you do when bark is missing on a tree trunk? If you are Diana Yevtukh, then you embroider flowers and other items, andplace them on the trees.

A toilet for a shrew

A shrew with a toilet.

Nothing goes to waste in the forests of Borneo. A pitcher plant provides the perfect toilet for shrews. The plant also eats insects in addition to the poo.

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