Sophie reading my book!

Sophie reading Diana's book.

A long long time ago I wrote a children's book, The Secret of the Tower Room. This was published by Houghton Mifflin. I visited a lot of schools in Mackay and gave talks to delightful children who certainly did not hold back with their questions. My sister-in-law, Diane, has now sent me the photograph of her grand daughter, Sophie, reading that book.

Caring for their Community

Jeff and Judy Boyle, a very caring couple.

Jeff and Judy Boyle

Jeff and Judy Boyle, from Whitsunday Funerals and Crematorium, show their concern and care for the Mackay and Whitsunday communities in a very positive fashion. The couple provides ongoing support for the Whitsunday Foodbank which operates in Proserpine and, more recently, in Mackay. The Boyles aren't seeking publicity for themselves, they simply want people who are in need, to be aware of the Foodbank outlets.

The outlets carry a wide, and ever changing, range not only of foodstuffs but also of household items including feminine products. The items are all discounted, often for half the recommended retail price. Small crop farmers also often donate vegetables and fruit which are given away, free of charge.

Jeff said families in need were very welcome to use the shops and should not feel embarassed.

“Judy and I started with nothing and we bought our first items from the Salvos,” he said. “We have both worked hard and been supported by the community.

“I started the Proserpine Foodbank with John from Anglicare Mackay six years ago, however after John, who was the overall supervisor for Anglicare, passed away, it looked as if both shops would be closed.”

With the help of family and other community members Jeff and Judy moved both shops and now provide food as cheaply as possible.

“Please tell all your friends to shop with us first, then when we haven’t got what they need buy elsewhere,” said Jeff. “The more people buy from us, the more we can buy and giveaway more. Whitsunday Foodbank is one of the very few real non for profits every dime goes back to the shops.”

The Mackay outlet, under the able leadership of Christine Hayes, opens from Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. The address is 352 Bridge Road, next to the West Mackay Australian Post site.

Whitsunday Foodbank Mackay.

Donations are very welcome. The Mackay outlet also has books, clothing and DVDs.

You will need to show a pension card, health care card, or a DVA card to access the service.

A beautiful spider

Huge beautiful tarantula.

I love tarantulas. They are such furry little things. This is the goliath birdeater although the food it chooses is not usually a bird, but insects and worms. This arachnid can also eat lizards, and even frogs.

A bench for a change

A bench made from bottle tops.

This bench, made by Charlie Woolstencroft, uses 15,000 bottle caps. The idea, for using bottle caps, came from Tim Miller who founded the charity Lids4Kids. The idea was initially used to make plastic hands and arms for young amputees. Buddy Benches are for students who perhaps have anxiety and need a safe place, or for those who want to make friends.

Meet Jonathan

A tortoise who is 190 years old.

Meet Jonathan who lives at the governor's official residence on St Helena. Jonathan was originally from the Seychelles and is the oldest known living land animal. He has made it to 190 years!

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